Never write another web scraper!

Exotic automatically generates all the extract rules and scrape web data completely and accurately at scale.


Tells how and when to scrape web data.


View & download the web data.


Check the task status.

Getting Started


  • Web spider: browser rendering, ajax data crawling
  • Auto extract: extract valuable data from pages using advanced AI
  • Performance: highly optimized, rendering hundreds of pages in parallel on a single machine without be blocked
  • Data quantity assurance: smart retry, accurate scheduling, web data lifetime management
  • Large scale: fully distributed, designed for large scale crawling
  • Simple API: single line of code to scrape, or single SQL to turn a website into a table
  • X-SQL: extended SQL to manage web data: Web crawling, scraping, Web content mining, Web BI
  • Bot stealth: IP rotation, web driver stealth, never get banned
  • RPA: simulating human behaviors, SPA crawling, or do something else awesome
  • Big data: various backend storage support: MongoDB/HBase/Gora
  • Logs & metrics: monitored closely and every event is recorded
  • Web UI: create powerful crawlers without code skills